Associate Members
CELAPEH members are agrouped into four categories:

1. Founder Members

Are the intitutions which participated in CELAPEH's creation and constitution process, suscribed a long term support commitment and signed CELAPEH's constitution act.

2. Sponsor Members

To these category belong institutions associated after foundation which suscribe a long term support commitment toward CELAPEH.

3. Gouvernment Members

Right has been granted to each Latin American country to become CELAPEH's gouvernment member and is entittled to nominate a government institution as country representative, preferably the Energy Ministry or any other Ministry directly related to Renewable Energies or SHP.

4. Nominal Members

CELAPEH welcomes as nominal member any public or private institution directly or indirectly active or interestes in SHP promotion, support or development.

Founding members of CELAPEH?
- The International Network on Small Hydro Power IN-SHP
- The European Association on Small Hydro - ESHA
- The United Nations Organization for Industrial Development - UNIDO
- Department Executive Administration (Gouvernment of Antioquia)
- Institut for Development of Antioquia - IDEA
- technology Park oof Antioquia - PTA

Become a Member Rated?
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