What does CELAPEH mean?
Spanish abreviation for Latin American Center on Small Hydro.
Which is his basic objective?
To promote construction and operation of small hydropower stations in the Latin American countries, specially in their rural areas, in order to provide environmentally sound electrical energy to the communities living in these areas.
Kind of Organization?
CELAPEH is an international, non profit seeking corporation.
Who are CELAPEH Founder Members?

The International Network on Small Hydro Power IN-SHP.

The European Association on small hydro ESHA.

The United Nations Organization for Industrial Development UNIDO.

Three public entities of the Colombian Department of Antioquia, namely: Department Executive Administration (Gouvernment), Institut for Development of Antioquia - IDEA, Technology Park of Antioquia - PTA.


Why hidroelectric energy?
1. Vast, still untapped ressources are available in the region.

2. Hydroelectricity is generated from renewable, environmentally sound energy source, allowing for substitution of fossil or wood fuels, thus contributing to environmental improvement and preservation.

Why small hydro (SHP)?
Due to their size and location flexibility, SHPs are best suited to supply energy requirements of Latin American rural communities, specially the most isolated.

Their modest financial requirements are much more adapted to the economic capacity of the communities and the authorities responsible for rural electrification.

SHP allows for a strong participation of the local communities on construction, operation, maintenance and management of these stations.
Why Latin American Center?

There exist an Asian Center and an African Center, as well as an International Center located in China. The Latin American Center was the missing piece of the network.

In the Latin american region therre is a huge hidroelectric potential for SHP available and, at the same time, electrical energy coverage in the rural areas is still quite low.

Why in Colombia?
1. it is among the Latin American countries with the largest hidroelectric potential. At the same time, electrical energy coverage in its rural areas is lower than the average. Vast zones still do not have access to electricity.

2. It is a natural geographical center, strategically located in the center of the region.
Who can benefit from the work of CELAPEH?
1. Primarily, CELAPEH's work is focused on helping rural communities in the Latin American countries, generaly the pporest and most vulnerable, to get access to a clean electricity service through small hydro power stations.

2. Besides, manufacturers of equipment for hydro power and engineering companies, as well organizations engaged in promotion of small hydro development can benefit or take advantage of CELAPEH's work.
Which are the benefits to rural communities?
1. Access to electricity service significantly improves living quality of the rural communities.

2. Active participation on construction, operation, maintenance and management of their small hydro stations enhance community organizations based on principles of equity, solidarity and productivity.

3. Moreover, such participation becomes an important employment and income sources for the communities members.

4. Last, but not least, electricity availability fosters execution of agroindustrial production projects which require electricity as a main input.

Which are the advantages to SHP promoting organizations?

Given CELAPEH's broad spectrum of activities and thanks to its non profit seeking nature, such organizations can obtain from CELAPEH an important number of services under favorable conditions. Among them, following are worth to be mentioned:

• Training to people responsible for design, construction and maintenance of small hydro station and associated networks.

• Technology development and Innovation services.

• Advice and consulting services to government institutions and private investors.

• Technical and financial feasibility studies.

• Specifications and contracting terms for equipment and services.

• Supervision and project managenent.

CELAPEH provides such services directly or (mainly) through its nominal members.

How does industry benefit?

1. Growing demand of products, equipment and services related to SHP induces increasing supply capacity and therefore industrial growth.

2. Adoption and adequation of technologies for small hydro components production is an additional instrument for industrial growth and an opportunity to penetrate new markets.

3. CELAPEH's activities shall result in increasing demand of equipment and services, which will be preferably supplied by companies associated to CELAPEH as nominal members.


Where from CELAPEH obtains required financial resources?
CELAPEH has been conceived as a self sustainable organization. Therefore, operational resources shall come from CELAPEH's activities and services.

Promotion programs shall be carried out through contributions of supporting members and projects execution funding shall be achieved through contributions of project owners and stakeholders.
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