Who we are?
CELAPEH is an international, non profit seeking corporation, dedicated to the promotion, construction and operation of small hydropower stations in the Latin American countries.

We promote development of small hydropower stations in the Latin American countries...
CELAPEH will be recognized internationally by its contribution the development of small hydropower stations in the Latin American countries...

Who are part?
CELAPEH is constituted under the auspice of the International Network on Small Hydro Power - IN-SHP, the European Association on Small Hydro - ESHA, the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development - UNIDO, the Ministry of Mines and Energy of the Republic of Colombia and three public entities of the Colombian Department of Antioquia, namely: Deparment Executive Administration (Gouvernment), Institut for Development of Antioquia - IDEA and Technology Park of Antioquia - PTA.

Our Activities

1. Carry out technical and financial feasibility studies for public and private stake holders of SHP projects.

2. Promote execution of feasible SHP projects, searching for and managing, as appropriate, required financial resources.

3. Coordinate and manage execution of SHP projects upon request from public, private and institutional project stakeholders.

4. In special cases, and for strategic reasons, promote and lead execution of SHP projects through joint ventures or associations with public and private investors assuming responsability, if required, for power stations construction management, operation and management.

5. Celebrate agreements with local, national, Latin American and International institutions to implement and execute long term rural electrification programs based on SHP development.

6. Create and operate, with support of Latin American and international institutions, a Training and Technology Development Center for Small Hydro, equipped with physical and operational facilities as required to train people involved in desing, construction, operation and management of SHP stations, as well as to carry out applied research and technology development activities in regard with SHP.

7. Celebrate research, innovation and technology development agreements and actively participate in joint execution of projects related to these activities in the area of SHP.

8.Search for and obtain from international organisations technical secretary assignments to coordinate or manage SHP besed energy programs.

9. Provide to Latin American governments and public institutions advice and support to formulate and implement policies aimed to foster rural electrification programs based on renewable energies and specially on small hydro.

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